Thomas Delauer Review: Transforming Health and Life

Thomas Delauer is a man who has had great success in the weight loss and diet industry.

Thomas went from being overly obese at 285 lbs. to a fit and healthy 185 lbs. using remarkable diet plans and effective workout programs.

He went on to appear on the front page of top men’s health and fitness magazines such as Natural Muscle, Iron Man and Muscles, and Performance. Today, Thomas Delauer is a recognized public figure and one of the leading experts in the nutrition, mindset and diet world. He also has the largest number of followers in his YouTube health and nutrition channel.

Individuals who have weight loss problems and diet concerns can take to Thomas Delauer’s many offerings and see success. Thomas’ philosophy is that of wellness in both the body and the mind, with the goal of achieving balance, fulfillment and ultimate satisfaction.

Thomas Delauer’s Story

Thomas lived his life mostly by focusing solely on his thriving business. He didn’t have a care for his health, and as a result, was considered obese. This health condition didn’t deter him as he was so intent on growing his business. Thomas’ reasoning was that caring for his health would divert him from his true efforts, which was providing for his family’s wellness and financial standing.

The truth was that Thomas wasn’t really fat from the start. In fact, he was an athlete during his younger years as a long distance runner and a rugby player. When he was an athlete, he had the same thinking that focusing on sports was all that mattered, as any slight deviation would mean losing out on training and attaining physical perfection.

The pattern went on to shift focus on the health aspect, and Thomas did what he did best- applying expertise, knowledge, and discipline to get his health back.

The Master of Ketogenic Diet

One of the things Thomas Delauer is widely recognized at is his mastery of the ketogenic diet.

As you may know, Ketogenic diet is a weight loss practice where individuals try to induce a state of “ketosis” by eating high amounts of fat and less consumption of carbs and protein. When ketosis is achieved the body starts burning off the stored fats, especially the abdomen.

Thomas has plenty of e-books, motivational, instructional and educational videos from various media channels (YouTube, social media, blogs) to tell you all about the keto diet and how it can benefit your health and well-being.

Adaptive Body Boost Program

This program caters to individuals who follow all the latest diets and the most popular weight loss programs but can’t seem to shake off the excess pounds.

If you’re tired of being told that you need to eat certain foods for a certain amount of time and exercise for X hours per week, then you may want to take a look at this innovative body program by Thomas Delauer.

The Adaptive Boost Body Program does away with these following practices:

  • Eating more vegetables and fruits ( the added fructose invariably adds to more body fat stored).
  • Lessening intake of calories ( you start experiencing glucose metabolic issues and increased cortisol levels).
  • Any other trending diet that makes you do a hundred things ( leads to more stress and inability to focus on your day’s work).

The program states that avoidance of food isn’t the key to effective weight loss. Thomas outlines some facts on why the body needs the essential vitamins, fats, protein, carbs, and minerals to function and become healthy. Adaptive Body seeks to nourish the individual at the cellular level, thus providing sustenance to the mind, the body and the spirit. When this happens, you’ll be better in terms of physical, emotional and mental health.

The science-based program lists a great number of foods you can eat so you won’t feel limited anytime you get hungry. Thomas states that you can get up to 30 percent more energy every day while your body adapts by using stored fat as fuel. A detailed look into the diet reveals that everything has a scientific explanation proven by years of research. Moreover, Thomas reveals that he has used this program on himself over the years.

The Adaptive Boost Body Program comes with a Step-by-Step procedure that’s easy to follow. You can learn from the program and spread the word to your family and friends.

Fully Immersive Videos

Videos are easier to absorb as compared to just reading. There are about 7 videos in all- the Program Exercise, the Low Carb Keto Flu, the Process of Keto, How Keto Really Works, Cheat Meal Time, the Guide to Protein Intake and the Carb Guide.

These videos are available for viewing on any compatible device anytime, anywhere. You can watch it for 5 minutes while on a short break or for 30 minutes just before going to bed.

Science-Based Six Pack Program

One of the main issues with following an exercise program is motivation. Individuals would start out strong, keep pace for about a week or so, then slowly lose steam. Then, the exercise program falls by the wayside and you’ll start accumulating fat and be back on the same state as you were in before you started the program.

Thomas Delauer’s Science-Based Six Pack Program has a unique element that’s known as intermittent fasting. With Intermittent Fasting, you won’t get to eat anything for around 16 to 20 hours, leaving a 4 to 8-hour window for meals. This practice has been proven to improve general health and help with fat loss because it optimizes blood glucose and triglyceride levels.

The program has these excellent courses:

  • 5 Master Video Fasting Tutorial – Everything you need to know about intermittent fasting is here. Included are some of the best techniques and tips on how you can start and effectively complete a fasting period. Thomas explains how the body achieves optimal fat burning state while in the fasting phase, and how you can lose weight while retaining important muscle mass.
  • Master Fasting Course Complete Ebook – Includes a “ShredFast” workout calendar and a comprehensive training guide, with a food plan containing mini-meal combinations, fast-break recipes, and tasty yet healthy desserts.
  • Intermittent Fasting Diet Guides – There are 2 guides here- the Base Track and the Fast Track. The Base Track covers the basic things about intermittent fasting, perfect for those who are just starting out, while the Fast Track outlines a macronutrient eating plan for maximizing weight loss.
  • Shredfast Workout Course – Comes with 9 exercises you can do at home.

The Science-Based Six Pack Program also comes with a 30-day supply of 3 essential supplements you’ll need in your fat-burning journey. The Alpha Meal, Alpha Armor, and Elite Krill Oil come from the recommendation of Thomas himself. They help you get in shape in the quickest possible time.

Don’t forget the fact that the program also seeks to normalize your triglyceride, blood sugar and cholesterol levels for optimum fat burning and good health while on intermittent fasting mode. Muscle mass is retained while metabolic rate increases. This state is perfect for melting off stubborn fat while leaving behind a solid six-pack of abdominal muscles.

Organic Total Body Reboot

The program focuses in on losing weight in just 7 days for individuals who are suffering from chronic inflammation.

Without chronic inflammation, your body starts shedding off unnecessary pounds on its own.

Thomas Delauer claims that Organic Total Body Reboot helped him eliminate 70 pounds in just 1 year. The same program helped his wife Amber, who was diagnosed with autoimmune hypothyroidism and Lyme disease, lose 25 pounds quickly.

You can read up on healthy food recipes in the ebook included, with ideas on how you can take part in what you eat. Once you’ve completed the Organic Total Body Reboot, you can get the Organic Health Protocol, a 6-week program that picks up where you left off on the Organic Total Body Reboot. Keep in mind that the Organic Health Protocol is only made available once you’ve finished the 7-day guide.

  • Custom Diet & Training – Get customized programming from Thomas Delauer on a specific goal or intention. The customized program is created personally by Thomas based on the information you give and what your goal is.
  • Nutrition & Supplement Protocol – You get a fully-customized nutrition guide with several options on meals. What’s more, there are some considerations for meals that lower your stress levels and recommendations on what nutrients you can include in your meals. The bonus part is an email correspondence with Thomas to make sure you’re on the right diet track and the meals are in line with your specifications and lifestyle.
  • The Nutrition & Supplement Protocol and Custom Workout – You get the Nutrition & Supplement Protocol outlined above as well as a customized workout plan that goes in line with the diet program. A cardio plan that maximizes fat loss is also included.

Life Optimization Guide

Thomas Delauer is offering 3 ebooks that talk about life optimization and how you can live a happier, healthier life.

His website is currently giving out free tactics on how you can jump-start your life optimization process, with titles such as Travel and On The Go Diet Cheatsheet, What To Drink On A Night Out Cheatsheet and the Eating Out Cheatsheet. You can visit the site to learn more or if you’re interested in the life optimization guide.