Before I share my experience with The Adaptive Body Boost Program, I would like to ask you a question. Have you ever reached a point in your life when you got frustrated and ashamed of yourself? Hi, my name is Brad and I was once in that situation and NO, it had nothing to do with debt or anything close to that. I had a well-paying job, a lovely wife and two beautiful daughters.

My career was at its pinnacle and I was relatively well paid. Unfortunately, in order to keep up with the demands of the job, I had to literary work my ass off meaning I had little to no time for going to the gym or even watch what I ate. Long story short, I ended up adding weight from 143 Pounds when I graduated from college to 280 pounds in a span of 10 years.

Like most people, I never really took time to think about myself because all I wanted was to keep my job, pay my bills and keep my family happy. This went on until my body started working against me. Yup, you’ve read that right. I was always feeling sleepy and jaded. I could barely finish my tasks in the workplace and my productivity curve took a nose-dive. Even more worrying, I completely lost the urge for sex. I remember I spent like a whole year without having sex with my wife. Looking back, I realized I was sitting on a time-bomb. Either I would end up losing my job or my wife would end up cheating on me (or both would happen). Those thoughts sent cold chills down my spine and before I knew it, I had gained 20 more pounds in a matter of months. In short, I had jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

So, on one boring Saturday morning, I decided to drive all the way to Atlanta to watch my local football team face their arch-rivals. It was an enjoyable game though we lost (a story for another day). But in the course of the disappointing loss, something really unique happened to me.

I had gone to buy some snacks and then I bumped on a familiar looking, chiseled man in the crowd. “Brad!” He walked toward me grinning. At first, I could not figure out who he really was until he smiled at me I responded, “Tony! Long time no see.” In front of me was Tony, a well-built young man who looked, sexy, hot and above all 10 years younger than me despite the fact that we were age mates.

Meet My Friend Tony and His Weighty Issues

Let me tell you a short story about Tony. We went to the same high school and graduated the same year. He was a great guy although he was obese. I remember some guys used to refer to him as “baby elephant” due to the fact that he weighed like 270 pounds. That used to make him furious sometimes but for most of the time, he managed to take the bullying in his stride.

In fact, I must admit that Tony is one of the few guys I’ve come across who always ooze positive energy no matter the situation. On top of that, he remained perched at the top of the class in terms of performance and ultimately secured himself a slot in one of the leading colleges in the country after graduating. That’s the last time I heard of him – until this fine evening in Atlanta.

As with any other conversation between two long-lost buddies, ours covered various issues ranging from how our families were doing, career challenges et cetera. But there was something bugging me – I mean, how did Tony manage to transform himself from being so chubby to this macho man who could easily “steal” someone’s wife or girlfriend. I had to find out and so I raised the question, in the midst of a humorous conversation. “Have you heard of a guy called Thomas DeLauer?” He asked. Of course, I didn’t have an idea who that was at that time. Tony promised to send me a link with more details on when he got to work on Monday.

On Monday, I showed up a little late for work. I was struggling with everything including tying my shoelaces and getting up on time (I suspect it’s because my metabolism was slackening). Upon checking my mail, the first thing that popped up was an email from Tony – one that completely changed my life.

My Personal Experience with the Adaptive Body Boost Program

When I clicked on the link provided, I learned about Thomas and his wife and how they had struggled with health-related issues. Thomas’ story was almost similar to mine. Just like me, he had gained most of his weight after securing a job and this directly affected his productivity and family life as well. I could relate with most of the stuff Tom talked about – from how he tried different products and failed to how he reached the breaking point.

Luckily, this wasn’t another over-hyped weight loss scam that’s big on generic content and empty on practical tips. Right from the word go, Thomas hit the nail on the head. He exposed some of the huge conspiracies of the weight loss niche and how big company’s profit from it while the rest of us suffer. Most importantly, he provided insights into his very unique method of weight management.

Of course, I was a little skeptical at first but the more I read the contents of that link, the more I realized that this was a scientifically sound and well-researched program. What I learned from this manual after completing the check-out process is something I’ve never heard before.

Eat More Fat

Like most people, I grew up knowing that fat was bad and that cheese, bacon, and butter were a big no-no for healthy living. These myths were, however, debunked in the first few lines of this program. I have always battled cravings for bacon and cheese and I couldn’t believe that instead of discouraging me, this program actually encouraged me to eat more of those!

In other words, The Adaptive Body Boost program is all about taking a totally different approach to your health and fitness. It’s about re-wiring your body, soul, and mind so you lose weight on the go. There are three approaches to this program:

  • Step-by-step videos containing fully-immersive steps that guide you
  • Simple but rare meal plans designed for an on-the-go lifestyle
  • Adaptive body boost manual, science-based that pushes your body to its weight-loss limits

One thing I liked about this exclusive program is that it encouraged me to take matters into my own hands. I began to appreciate the power of self-education. Gradually, I came to the realization that most of what the mainstream media tells us about losing weight is BS (for lack of a better word).

How It Works

The idea behind The Adaptive Body Boost program is to train your body so it relies on fats for fuel. Once this state is achieved, you only need to deprive yourself of excess calories. This way your body will go like “Wait a minute, where are the fats?” and so it will start to pull them from your belly, thighs and other hard-to-lose fat spots. This happens for just one reason – because your body is used to running on fat fuel and it has to do everything it takes to burn fat in order to sustain its energy demands.

So, in a nutshell, this program transforms your body into an on-the-go fat burning machine. You lose fat even as you sit in traffic or when taking the subway home or even when you’re busy in the office working on a crucial project. Most importantly, you’re not limited on what to eat. On top of that, the program helps you understand what you’re actually putting in your body and its impact on your general health. And have I mentioned the fact that this program ended up exposing me to unconventional weight loss secrets that worked like magic?

The Transformation

Well, I know that may sound like a bit of an overstatement but losing 15 pounds in 30 days without going to the gym was pretty magical for me. In fact, in just a couple of weeks, my life changed for the better. I started to feel more energetic and kissed goodbye to those super-boring days at work. Everything around me seemed brighter, easier and sexier. Of course, there were some miniature daily goals that this program required me to work toward and that meant I had to sacrifice a few minutes of my day. But overall, this did not affect my life or slow down my productivity in any way (in fact it did the opposite).


  • Easy to use
  • No side effects
  • No starving
  • Affordably priced (thanks to a limited-time discount)
  • Scientifically-proven method


  • You have to dedicate a few minutes every day to follow its recommendations

Final Words

Look, I am not going to lie to you that this is a short-cut to losing weight. Likewise, I will not fool you that I have achieved ultimate perfection in my life. I still have a few milestones to cover although I can directly attribute this program to my incredible weight loss from 300 pounds to well under 190 pounds and also to saving my marriage. We’re expecting our third-born kid and I recently got a better job from one of the leading tech companies in the Silicon Savannah. Is it a coincidence that this happened in just a few months after discovering the Adaptive Body Boost Program? I don’t think so.

I will be mailing a bottle of whiskey to my friend Tony just to thank him for this eye-opening idea. As for Thomas DeLauer and his wife, I cannot find the right words to appreciate the impact you’ve made in my life. God bless you. And to anyone reading this story, The Adaptive Body Boost Program works, and I’d encourage you to give it a shot so you can rev up your metabolism, boost your virility, and most importantly lose weight healthily.